Infant Potty Training Part 1: Why We Introduced the Potty Early

When we started Infant Potty Training, I didn’t even know there was a word for it. I didn’t even research it. It was something we talked about doing before Kiara was born. I had said something about sitting her on the potty as soon as she could hold her own head up or could sit on her own. Little did I know, she would be holding her head up so soon and we’d be ordering a potty for her before she was three months old! 

So… What even is Infant Potty Training?

Infant Potty Training is introducing baby to the potty starting any time from birth to 4 months. Some people avoid diapers all together and anticipate when baby is going to potty. Others, like me, use diapers to catch accidents. The idea is to get the baby used to and comfortable with the potty. If successful, the baby could be fully potty trained by 18 months.

So… Why did we start putting Kiara on the potty? Honestly, we got tired of her peeing on her changing pad! She would fuss every time she had to pee. We’d go to change her diaper, thinkings that’s why she was fussing. Then, she would get really calm. Which was weird, because she normally screamed through the whole diaper changing. Everytime she calmed down, she would pee all over the changing table. And yeah, that got old quick.

That’s when we decided to give the potty a try. We are extra, so we had to get the training potty that looks like a real potty and even makes a flushing sound. Of course, being as young as she was, and as small, she didn’t quite fit on the potty. And she didn’t like the feeling of her butt sinking into it. Go figure. Haha. So, I decided to get … creative. We had some extra packing supplies, so I took some footie pajamas that were too big for her and stuffed it so it made a toilet seat cushion and back support. Then, we were in business.

We noticed she started holding pees until she could go on the potty. Even as an infant, she would find ways to tell me that she had to potty. We started to notice patterns and were able to get her on the potty often. It was nice to save on diapers and even when we started using cloth, to not have to change them as much was a plus.

Often times, we used potty time as a time to read as well. The time spent on the potty became more than just getting her to use the potty and more about learning to anticipate her needs, and spending time together reading and learning.

But it also took a lot of time. It felt like we just got her off the potty before she’d need to go back on. And sometimes she would just sit on the potty because she wanted us to read to her, for 30 minutes straight. Infant Potty Training definitely comes with a learning curve. It’s hard not to want to get upset after sitting on the potty for 30 minutes only to have her pee or poop the moment we took her off. We had to learn to take a breath and explain gently that we do those things on the potty. And I’m not just talking about when we started, I’m talking about now too. 

Not long after I found out I was pregnant, we took a much more lax approach to her potty training. I was just so tired all the time, that taking her to go sit on the potty felt more like a chore than anything else. Which, really wasn’t fair to Kiara. So naturally, she started telling us. Not with words of course, but by standing up off her potty and peeing on her floor. Peeing on her changing table when Daddy was changing her diaper. For me, these were signs that she was getting fed up with us. And I couldn’t blame her. I knew I’d been neglecting some of my mom duties. So, I took those signs and we were gifted the Potty Wrist, a watch/timer to help us remember to take her on the potty. 

The watch is pretty cool, honestly. It tells time, and you can set the timer to 30, 60, or 90 minutes. We started with 30 minutes on day one. She didn’t use the potty every 30 minutes, but she already was using the potty more frequently and going through just a few diapers throughout the whole day! Since then, we’ve increased the time to 60 minutes, which is more on speed with how often she’s been going, and she’s still been doing amazing! All she needed was that attention we were giving her in the beginning. 

Is Infant Potty Training easy? Not at all. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and really learning the signs of your child. Honestly, if I wasn’t a stay at home parent, and if Kiara hadn’t given us signs early on that this could work, I don’t think I would have done this. I still debate on if we’ll start our next child so early, or if we will wait a little longer because I don’t want to take that time away from Kiara. Having a newborn is already going to take so much of my time. But for now, I hope she’ll be fully trained before the new baby comes so it can be a little easier on this momma.

What do you think of Infant Potty Training? Have you tried it? Think you might give it a go? Let me know in the comments!

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