BabyLum Car Mirror – A review

Since the day we took Kiara home from the hospital, I have wanted a backseat car mirror so I could see her. So I could see if she was OK, if she was breathing, or if she was awake or asleep. You know, the usual mom worries. The problem was all the car mirrors we saw went over the headrest of the back seat and there are only headrests on the passenger and driver’s side back seats. Not over the middle seat where Kiara’s car seat rested. 

When I received the car mirror from BabyLum, I was both excited and nervous that it wasn’t going to work for us right now, but at least it could work for us when the new baby arrived and the car seats would be moved to the passenger and driver side back seats. I honestly, could not have been any more pleasantly surprised.

​First of all, it wasn’t just a mirror, which is all I was expecting. In my box I received the mirror, two window covers to keep the back seats shaded, a backseat cover with pockets, and a baby on board tag for the car. Already, I was impressed. We (me and Kiara), immediately went out to set up the mirror. It has two straps to wrap around and under the headrest. In my Jeep, the headrest is attached directly to the seat, it’s all one piece, so we just used the one strap to wrap it around the headrest and tightened it. The mirror is easily adjustable so I was able to tilt it the way I wanted to I could see Kiara from the rearview mirror. Plus, she can see herself, so she loves it too. 

The first time we used it, we drove down the street and I noticed the mirror fell from the position I had it in. I looked at it and realized I had missed a knob on the back of the mirror that tightens it so it doesn’t move positions when you’re driving! Seriously, now that I have this mirror, I don’t know how I’d survive without one. Pretty sure I now need two so I can see both my babies. 

If you have a rear-facing tot, or have a baby on the way, you’ve got to check this mirror out. Go to and use the code BABYLUM20OFF to take 20% off your order!

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