Food Sensitivity Test Results with EverlyWell

How a simple test saved me from another long road of suffering.

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Before I get into my test results from my at-home food sensitivity test with Everlywell (watch the unboxing & finger pricking video here), I want to dive into my experience with food sensitivities prior to and confirmed by this test. I’ll also talk about how this test saved me from another long road of suffering, trying to find the cause of my next big issue.

To start, the difference between a sensitivity/intolerance and an allergy are the symptoms and the rate at which they occur. Sensitivities can cause bloating, acne, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, etc. Allergies can cause similar symptoms as well as intense itching, swelling of the face, rash/hives, rising anxiety, vomiting, ans prophylaxis symptoms. Please note: this sensitivity test only tests for sensitivities, if you suspect a food allergy, speak with your doctor.

‚ÄčThat being said, I am very open about my sensitivity to gluten and the fact that I still can’t stay away from it. Because I do frequently talk about it, I am often asked how I found out I had a sensitivity to gluten. It was 6+ years ago when I started having serious symptoms.

I was working at a bagel factory when my symptoms started. At first it was just some acne. Didn’t think much of it, everyone broke out a bit around where our hair nets met our forehead. Except my acne started to take over my whole face. I’d never broken out so bad before. Even my dad made a very “tasteful” comment about it… thanks, Dad. Next was bloating, nausea, and constipation. Neither of those three I thought anything about because I’ve suffered from them basically my whole life (which is why I suspect I’ve had a gluten intolerance probably my whole life). I was used to having random summers where I couldn’t eat anything. So, going through a summer where the only food that didn’t make me sick were cherries, was just another summer for me. What I couldn’t ignore was the persistent pain in my side.

The thing with a lot of people who are sensitive to gluten, and is especially true for me, is my body can’t process gluten correctly. If I continue eating gluten, since my body is unable to properly break it down, it builds up in my system. This is what was happening, except I wasn’t just eating gluten, I was breathing it and absorbing it into my pores.

The pain got so bad that I would miss work or have to leave early, While I was quality assurance and had an office, I would wrap a heating pad around my torso. When I had to walk around or help out, I had a wrap I wore over my torso. I took a trip to the urgent care, many tests, doctor’s appointments, until finally my doctor told me to try eliminating gluten from my diet. That was it! I immediately started to feel better, especially once I left the factory. I was able to recognize the symptoms and manage my health more effectively.

Now fast-forward 6 years.

I’m pregnant and a stay at home mom. I’m also the absolute worst at meal planning, so I tend to just wing it every day. Lunches are the hardest. I started basically making breakfast for lunch every day (eggs, turkey sausage, etc.). I started to get some bad stomach cramps, nauseas, and TMI I’m having the poops. One day the pain is so bad I can barely stand. I rush to get my daughter her lunch before running to the bathroom in tears. Honestly, I didn’t know if I was going to poop or lose my baby. I call my husband at work, knowing he probably can’t answer. I get his voicemail and hang up. My daughter is in the other room saying, “Mamma,” over and over and I’m stuck on the toilet sobbing. Terrified of what happens if I start pushing. All I knew was I was in terrible pain and I had to push. I was so thankful when it was just diarrhea.

The whole experience left me wondering what was causing these symptoms. I knew I hadn’t been staying away from gluten as well as I should have, but it also wasn’t the usual symptoms I had from gluten. What could it have been? Guys, it was literally THAT NIGHT that I received my test results. The very first thing listed as HIGH REACTIVITY is egg whites. EGG WHITES! I had been eating eggs all week and making myself sick without knowing it. I can’t explain how grateful I was to get these results when I did, Without them, I probably would have continued eating eggs for a while before I thought to cut them out of my diet.

I can still eat eggs, and do every once in a while, but I’m more mindful of how I feel afterwards.

Now, I’d like to say that both of these situations are pretty extreme ways to find out about a food sensitivity. That being said, if you suspect something you’re eating is making you sick, or if you can relate to any of my story, take a test. Arm yourself with knowledge and take control of your health. Get 20% off your at-home Food Sensitivity Test with my link:


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