Just A Dream

Treppe zum Bergfried von Altweilnau

Treppe zum Bergfried von Altweilnau

Another Picture It & Write Inspiration

There’s a sense of urgency as the thunder rumbles and the clouds roll over one another. I can’t help but to think of that scene in James and the Giant Peach when they’re running away from the Rhino. The wind, as it scratches against my cheek, seems to echo my thoughts. Here comes my nightmare.

So I run. Higher. Higher. My breath is carried away with each step I take. As my foot meets with the metal of the stairway it clanks and I can feel the vibrations through my bones. Higher. Higher.

I swear I felt its frigid fingers on my ankle. Which only pushes me faster.

Higher. Higher.

But it seems no matter how fast I run, how high I climb, I am neither closer or further away from my goal.

Why am I running again?

The sky turns eggplant as it is lit up with lightning that branches out like tree branches. It reaches for me before fading into the wine colored clouds. There is a second, just one second, when the sky fades back to gray and the wind ceases to cry, and the night is calm and I can catch my breath.

Why was I running again?

Then thunder bellows around me and shakes the staircase. I grip the ice-cold railing as the steps beneath me sway. A mist falls over me and it feels like there are millions of hands lightly running over my skin. And then I run again.

Higher. Higher.

And this time I am actually getting somewhere.

The wind presses against me as the stairs continue to swing like a pendulum. Thunder howls in my ears. I squeeze my eyes shut. Maybe that’s a dumb thing to do, but I know I’ll never make it if I look down. I use my hands as eyes and follow the railing.

Higher. Higher.

Until, suddenly, I can go no higher. I open my eyes. There is a door in front of me. I go to touch the doorknob when it swings open and a set of hands pushes me through to the other side where I fall alongside the spiral staircase, watching the platform disappear.

I gasp, sitting up in a bed of sweat. The Oak outside my window rasps against the glass. It was just a dream.

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