I Could Jump

I could jump…

No one is around to stop me.

With just the slightest movement

I could be falling

Down into the river

Raging on and on.

I could fall…

Right now off of this old wooden bridge

If I were to do so,

Would anyone even care?

Would I be missed?

Would my name spread like a wild fire

Or would my disappearance go unnoticed forever…

The wind could push me over…

Right into the furious waters

If I teeter forward just a little

I would plummet below

Into the unknown

I could jump…

A wonderful _picture it & write inspiration 😀

2 thoughts on “I Could Jump

  1. Hey there, authormercedes. I love how you started and ended with the same line ‘I could jump…’ Nice work! I also loved your description of – ‘Would my name spread like a wild fire’ so evocative. I hope to see more of your contributions to Picture it & write. 😀

    – Ermisenda

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