If I Had A Time Machine…

If I had a time machine what would I do?

Well I’d go back in time and smack the heck outta you

Yes you!

The little me

So naive you think you know everything.

It’s laughable, the things you thought you understood

Had it all figured out, right? Got how the world worked?


You were wrong.

I am here to pass it on

The wisdom I have picked up over the years

To give it to you, so I can save you the tears.

Scratch all you once believed

Open your ears

And listen close to me.

Follow what your heart has told you

From the very beginning

Stop trying to grow up

And just enjoy living.

4 thoughts on “If I Had A Time Machine…

    • thank you very much. And I know, I have been writing just felt bad for not getting the time to take a look at everyone’s blogs so i haven’t posted in a while. But trust that there is a lot more on the way ;] night!

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