A Happy Ending

So you don’t believe in fairy tales,

That I can understand

But to not believe in happy endings?

Well, I believe you’ve gone mad.

Every good story has obstacles

Every great one has love

But none of which is possible

If you’re not willing to shove

Through the tough times

And break through the tears.

Even Ariel

Strived for more.

Only when she made the choice

And took control

Did she have to pay the price,

And boy it took a toll.

But was it not all worth it,

In the end

When she held onto her lovers hand

All of her dreams came true

But don’t forget the things she had to do

In order to make it all happen

And that is what you must do as well.

Take your first step,

No matter what that is.

With enough effort you can get through this.

There will be sweat, and maybe tears

And at some point you’ll wonder

Why you’ve worked so hard all these years.

But your patients will pay you

Although you might not see at first.

But when you look around, you’ll know

A happy ending you have nursed.

6 thoughts on “A Happy Ending

  1. a happy ending you have nursed…Well, you’ve accomplished a rare great poetic ending…I struggle with those and this one is great!

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