Another Mothers Day Poem

You have always been there to bandage up a cut knee,

Even now when I am nineteen.

The tears you cry

Are my own

The things you feel

I feel in my soul.

You always gave me a push

When I felt like a wuss.

You would pick me up when I was down

The thought of you not being around

Tears my heart to threads.

If you were ever gone, I would be one heck of a mess.

You are my best-friend

I cherish each and every moment we spend.

No matter if we agree or disagree

No matter if we’re laughing or fighting

I couldn’t love you any more

Have a great day, Mother. <3


I love you mom, happy mothers day!
And happy mothers day to all the Moms out there!!

8 thoughts on “Another Mothers Day Poem

  1. You are beautiful! I love you with all of my heart and am very proud of you. Thank you always for being my daughter and best friend. I couldn’t be any more blessed.

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