The Great Journey

I stepped on the boulders

With my hands an feet

They swiveled and crumpled

Underneath me.

The heat radiated on each stone

Passing through my bones.

The stretch of gray was long and hard

I wasn’t even sure how I had made it thus far.

The ground beneath me began to shake

I hid in my shell to keep safe.

Suddenly I was lifted high, high above the ground

A thunderous, rumbling sound

Coming at me from all around.

Perhaps this was just another dream?

Suddenly we began to take wing.

I was soared through the air

At such a fast speed

The wind whistled through my ears

Before I was dropped into the cushion of green.

Finally I had reach my destination!

Thanks to some sort of divine intervention.

The sun glistened off the thick blades.

I think I will rest take a rest.


I thought it would be fun to write a poem in the point of view of that little turtle ^^^^ Me and my mom found him during our walk and put him in the grass so he wouldn’t get smooshed. He was the tiniest turtle I had ever seen. Just a wee baby that fit in the very palm of her hand.

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