When you fall in love

You cannot fall out

Is that why

You make me want to shout?

I want to scream

At the sight of your face

At the moments we shared

Gone to waste.

I want to shriek

At the energy spent

Trying to figure you out

And your sly comments.

I want to squeal

With the frustration you brought

With the precious memories

You forgot.

I want to yell

To the heavens

For giving me a reason

To cry.

When you fall in love

You cannot fall out

That is why

My heart is worn out.

7 thoughts on “Worn-Out

  1. Been there, felt that. But i could have never expressed it so eloquently. If i may ask, is it something that you expressed out of past experience or are you a skillful writer?

    • authormercedes

      I would like to think a little of both ;] lol. I tried to come up with a better answer for you, and after agonizing over it all night this was all I could think of to say ( -_-)

      • No problem! This answer is fair enough. A skillful writer you are, no doubts, but i just wished to know if it had any past attached to it. Thank for the reply. Will stay connected to you for more! Happy Blogging!

      • authormercedes

        To better answer your question there is some past attached to the poem, but it was like one of those things that kept coming up, you know? It was a feeling that had lasted several years and is brought to the surface every time the person showed up. And that is how I birthed this poem ;]

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