Here I Go Again

Here I go,

Here I go again

Clear mind

And I’m ready to win

I see you shake within your skin

Now let the games begin

You’ll try to change me

Redirect me

But I won’t give in.

You’ll try to shake me

Disconnect me

I won’t commit no sin.


The rules of life

Always trying to get on my bad side.

The white lines

Disappearing with every stride.

Constricted and pulled

With every tide.

I get pushed and thrown


Been there

Done this before.

Yeah, I fall and crawl

But I’m not forlorn.

I’ve been beaten, I’ve  been worn

Still you won’t see me mourn.

I will rise up

I will triumph

Over you this time.

I won’t give in

I won’t let you win

No, I will climb.


Here we go (here we go)

Once again (once again)

No I won’t (no I won’t)

Let you win.

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