She’s Alive!

Yes, indeed I am alive, for those of you wondering if I have fallen off the face of the earth. Although gravity makes that just about impossible, I am sure there are some cases where such an event can occur.

So if I’m fine and well, where the heck have I been?!
Oh you know, out and about. I got a puppy named Rikki 😀 she’s about nine weeks now, and we actually got her when she was a little under four so we had the privilege of bottle feeding her. And what a wonderful privilege that is…. If you don’t factor in the screaming, and squealing and getting up every so often in the middle of the night; then it was quite a blast! But don’t get me wrong, I love her to death, she is my baby <3









Umm what else? I’m starting a new job :O I’ll be working as a Marketing Executive, recruiting customers to shop for a company that makes all natural body and health products, cleaning products, and much more! I ordered some of their products today, and will tell you about them once I receive them ;]

What’s the real reason I haven’t been writing?
Well, to be completely honest, I am a lazy bum who doesn’t know how to manage her time. But as of tonight that is all going to change and new work will be coming shortly!!


I want to thank everyone for their concerns, support, and for the ones who continued to check out my blog even though I was MIA. Thank you everyone!


p.s. sorry for going photo happy :p

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