Don’t You Hate…


Don’t you hate that moment in bed when your mind seems to be at its clearest and the most amazing work is churning itself in your mind? When your brain seems to be creating magic all on its own, but when you wake up it is all gone. And if it’s not gone, it’s in a fog. You sit down trying to recover all of its glory. Trying to discover every sentence, every word, every syllable is like searching the hay for a needle. On a few occasions you might be able to recover what was once discovered, but it is never the same, never as great as when your mind produced it in that small amount of time before sleep overtook you. Don’t you hate that?

5 thoughts on “Don’t You Hate…

    • authormercedes

      Ik >.< sometimes, if I feel it important enough i do get up and spend how ever long it takes to get it all out of my head, but sometimes i will admit i get lazy -_-

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