Silver Into Gold

Can you believe it?/Do you feel it?/ Your heart beating against your chest/Time stops around you/You feel your breathing deepen/In this moment we confide/I hold my breath, your face close to mine/As our lips collide.//(chorus):And I’m spiraling into love land/You tug me there with your guiding hand/Am I ready for this?/Are you ready for this?/But we take the jump off the brink/I feel my stomach begin to sink…/But your touch’s so warm/My skin’s so cold/Trying to perfect miracle/Turning Silver into Gold.//Is this a legacy?/More like a fantasy/Watching my eyes burn with desire/I’m lost for air/Don’t know how to breathe/Flashing colors everywhere/But I don’t want you to leave/This moment covered in haze/As we begin turning the key/Finally escaping from this maze//chorus//Your body heat/Is infecting mine/Turning ill/But still we shine/Breaths caught in our throats/But keeping afloat/As you pull me into the unknown/Don’t let go/And I’m spiraling/And I’m spiraling into…//chorus//

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