I hate this part

I hate this part

where I want to cry

It wasn’t too long ago

I was high on life.

I hate this part

When the tears begin to fall

I feel like an idiot

Whiping them all

Off my face

And out of sight.

I hate this part

When you see this side.

Ugh, getting Broken Memories all ready for your enjoyment put me down a little bit. I don’t like thinking about him, my biological father. Because when I do, when I allow myself to really think about it all, I get like this. I was alright, while I typed up the song (which is from quite a while ago) but then I listened to daughter to father by Lindsay Lohan, and just about lost it. Now? I am just trying to pull myself together to my fiance doesn’t see the hot mess I am. Sure, he’s pretty use to me crying at random, being really happy, then falling back into my sad spells, but sometimes I like to appear somewhat normal, you know, not totally insane?

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