Faded Art

I feel jaded
Like broken glass,
A crumpled  piece of paper
In a garbage can.
You stand,
A marble piece of art,
I marveled
Not too far
Away from where you are.
I told you of your strengths,
You said I was weak.
I told you you would last,
You said I’d fall at your feet.
Your color began to fade,
But I said  you were colorful all the same.
Your diamond eyes began to crack
But I said  you were without lack.
I tried to grow
But you said I was too small.
I tried to glow,
But yous said I was too dim.
So I shrunk
As you grew  big,
I faded
As you shown through.
I collected cobwebs
As they dusted you off.
You attracted money,
And I attracted moss.
You were sold,
I was for sale,
You found a home,
As I grew stale.
But you were still unsatisfied.
You tried to smile,
But could only frown,
Your colors faded,
So they took you down.
Now you’re jaded
Like broken glass,
Crumpled paper,
In a garbage can.

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