I’m sick,
Butterflies in my stomach
It’s too bright,
My eyes can’t see right
I don’t move,
The ground runs beneath my shoes.
A breath caught in my throat
Trying so hard to keep afloat.
I’m ill,
But my disease has no pill
The light turns pink,
As I resist to blink
I don’t twitch,
Don’t even flinch.
Life on pause
As our lives cross
My mouth is dry
But my heart flies
Out of my chest,
What a mess.
It’s in every story
Where this illness makes me happy,
A plague
Cast over us in a haze
Crippled by the one thing we can’t live above
I’ve been diagnosed with love.

2 thoughts on “Diangnosed

  1. You capture the turmoil, the dizziness of young love well here. The piece runs in my mind as if a stream of thought, a lover walking from one wall of his mind to the other. Pondering a new reality. Understanding a new emotion.

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