2012: A New Race

Here is one of my favorite  short stories. I wanted to make it into a novel but I am quite the procrastinator and 2012 is right around the corner!

2010: A New Race

Back when the world was in chaos, when natural resources were scarce,and people stopped caring about the world  and each other; back when the world was in war, consumed with evil, pollution, and was far from repair, the human race failed. The time  was August twenty-fifth, 2012 and in only a few months, the human race will perish.

August 25th, 2012 1:15AM

     Mika screamed, squeezing her husband, Brian’s  hand.”Breathe, breathe,” Brian soothed, resisting the urge to cry out as he lost all feeling in his hand.
“Push,” the doctor instructed.
Mika cried out in agony until she heard the soft cries of her new baby girl. Then it went black.


     Brian sat patiently next to Mika’s hospital bed, dreading for her to wake up. Mika’s eyes fluttered and she flinched at  the brightness of the lights overhead. “Brian?” She croaked.”Brian?”
“Right here, Sweetheart.”
“Where is she?”
Brian sighed as he broke the new of their baby daughter. Mika screamed and her whole body began to shake.

August 31st 2012 12:05PM

     “She’s out there, Brian. I can feel her.”
Brian knelt beside Mika in the nursery. After they found out they’d be having a girl, Mika insisted on painting the room maroon and decorating it with paintings of exotic flowers. The room was supposed to keep the happy memories  they hoped would  come; but it was only full of the deepest sorrow. “Mika, as  much as I’d love to believe that, we both know she’s gone.”
“You don’t understand, Brian. I can feel her.”
“Mika, we berried her! We saw here dead  body!”
“It wasn’t her!” Mika screamed back before  leaping out of the room.

October 15th 2012 6:15PM

     Mika slammed a stack of paper on Brian’s work desk. “Mika what are you doing here?” He asks irritated.
“Just look,” She says as she closes his office door.
Brian picks up the papers and notices that they’re still warm. Woman claims hospital stole her baby, reads a headline. Another says, Young lady believes she was given shots that killed her baby. “What is all this?”
Mika looked down at her husband disappointed. “Don’t  you see? That’s us! The same thing that happened to us happened to these women. The articles date back to about twenty-five years  from now. What ever happened to our daughter happened to their children too. And they’re all out there… somewhere.”
Brian looked at his wife, his brows pulled together with worry. Her soft brown hair was now matted and dry. Her once wild eyes were now lifeless and dull. “What’s happened to you?”
Mika sighed when she realized he would never believe her. “You’re suppose to back me up, no matter  how crazy I seem.” Brian let her go and flopped his head down on his desk.  The paper with the headline, Woman claims that aliens impregnated her, fluttered to the floor.

December 1st

Dear Mika,
You’re not alone. We need to talk. Stop by tomorrow for tea.
Your neighbor,

December 2nd 12:12 PM

     Mika knocked on her neighbor’s door. “Come in,”called a weary voice. She made her way into the house, and left  into the diningroom. “Sit, Dear,” said the sweet old lady. Mika sat next to Mary-Ann and across from the young man. “Mika, this is my son, Julian.”
Mika’s eyes fluttered in confusion. “I didn’t know you had a son.”
“That is because twenty-five years ago he was taken from me.” Mary told Mika about her mysterious pregnancy. “I thought aliens did it, but I know better now.” During her pregnancy she was given shots through her stomach into the baby. She was told they were vitamin supplements, but they were much more than that. Then after giving birth they took her baby away and claimed it was dead.
“It wasn’t until I was sixteen that I began to realize I wasn’t living a normal life,” began Julian. At the age of sixteen he began to grow suspicious of the “principals” and his school  where  they did drills much more unusual than an army would do. He broke into headquarters only to find he was a science experiment to keep the human race alive. While going  through the files he found his birth mother’s address and escaped.
“The government is taking our babies?”
“Not just the government,” Julian corrected.”This is happening everywhere, throughout the entire globe.”
“When explorers from Europe came they discovered the Mayan calendar and their prediction of the end of the human race. So they teamed up with the Mayan’s to create the perfect race who could survive anything. It took decades for them to get it right. During this trial and error process they used experimental space crafts and the failed test subjects,or aliens, to abduct their people and test on them.”
Mika sat, momentarily speechless. Mary-Ann took her hand,”I know it’s a lot to take in, but it will be OK.”
Suddenly Mika came back to life, standing up so quick the chair scrapped against the floor trying to steady itself. She dropped her fist on the table, determined. “Julian, I want you to help me search for my daughter.”

December 21st 2012 6:15PM

     Mika and Julian sneaked into a private nursery. In the room full of infants, hers was in the corner labeled August 25th. Mika cradled her baby in her arms, when the ground began to shake. Julian took the baby from her. “I’m sorry.” Young men and women evacuated the children as the floor began to crack and the ceiling fell in clumps. Mika sat alone in a corner, shivering in unusual heat, waiting to die.

For my mother and the rest of the human race, December twenty-first was their end, but it was our beginning.

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